5 Ways EdOptions Academy Provides Flexible Paths to Graduation

Dec 15, 2023
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Gut-check time: the traditional classroom isn’t the right learning environment for every student. Educators, parents, and students themselves all know when the structure and constraints of the classroom just isn’t cutting it. Luckily, today’s students have more options than ever before to tailor the learning experience, and make it work for them.

Online school options, like Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy, provide a personalized and flexible alternative path to the ever-so crucial high school diploma, while offering the same caliber of quality instruction and standards alignment of traditional classrooms. Through EdOptions Academy, we partner with districts as well as independent students to expand access to learning with research-based, engaging online courses. And, as an accredited online academy, we’re able to both issue and accept credits for transfer towards a diploma. Here’s five situations where EdOptions Academy can solve the learning challenges today’s students face.

If your school doesn’t have that one (or more!) classes students want…

School resources are limited, and sometimes, there just isn’t the manpower or funds to offer certain classes students want. Whether it’s a foreign language outside of the standard Spanish and French, an Advanced Placement math course, or a specific career and technical education course like Web Design, with a library of hundreds of core and elective courses EdOptions Academy can help fill in the gaps. Our online courses are a great option for students to augment in-classroom schedules during the school year or over the summer to get the credits they need to achieve their academic and career goals.

If schedules outside of school are just too hectic…

Today’s students are juggling a lot of commitments. Some students are working significant hours to help support parents, siblings, or their own children; others are dedicated athletes or performers training and traveling frequently; other families simply choose to take a more flexible approach to education through homeschool. EdOptions Academy courses offer students the flexibility to work at their own pace and around their own schedules, while still having regular access to and communication with licensed teachers experienced in online learning.

If the traditional classroom isn’t a fit for students’ learning styles…

Everyone learns differently—and for some students, their learning style doesn’t mesh well with the standard classroom approach. Maybe the classroom is overstimulating, maybe learning through listening isn’t their forte, or maybe there are social struggles at play. Whatever the case, EdOptions Academy courses offer an alternative approach where students can learn through high-quality online content, rich multi-media activities, and engaging opportunities for online discussion.

If health concerns get in the way of class time…

Of course, it’s a situation everyone hopes to avoid, but occasionally health concerns do take regular class attendance off the table. When that’s the case for a student, EdOptions Academy is a great solution to stay caught up with the courses they need to stay on pace for graduation while they’re at home or in the hospital.

If students need to make up missed credits to graduate on time…

Today more than ever, a high school diploma is key to success in the working world. That’s why it’s so important to provide students with options for credit recovery if they do fall behind. EdOptions Academy courses can be one such option, giving students the ability to demonstrate mastery of concepts they do already grasp and work through the skills and knowledge they still need at their own pace. And, with EdOptions Academy’s proven and research-based curriculum, parents and educators can rest assured they will come away with the same level of understanding they would have through a traditional course.

At Edmentum, we’re committed to helping create successful student outcomes. EdOptions Academy helps us fulfill this mission by providing districts and students with flexible pathways to graduation. Ready to learn more? Watch this short video to learn how Akron Public Schools in Ohio are expanding their course offerings by working with EdOptions Academy.

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