A Parent Guide: Support Your Child During Virtual Learning

Oct 19, 2023
Support child during virtual learning Edmentum article

Caregiver. Professional. Classroom facilitator. Seemingly overnight, parents and guardians are juggling more responsibilities than ever before. The added pressure of online schooling can feel overwhelming, and parents may find themselves asking: How can I help my child focus at home? Am I fostering the best learning environment? What can I do to mitigate anxiety and frustration?

While district plans around virtual and in-person instruction will vary, best practices for distance education are great tools to have within reach. Our parent guide pairs eight common challenges with tools for a smoother transition:

  • Parent Tip #1: Invest in Improving the Teacher-Family Partnership
  • Parent Tip #2: Find the Sweet Spot for Amount of Learning Time
  • Parent Tip #3: Use Intentional Breaks to Improve Learning
  • Parent Tip #4: Learn to Look at Screen Time Differently
  • Parent Tip #5: Establish Routine and Predictability
  • Parent Tip #6: Learn the Basics of Effective Instruction
  • Parent Tip #7: Incorporate Rewards
  • Parent Tip #8: Give Yourself Grace

At the end of the day, achievable goals are better than perfect ones. Take a deep breath, and download our parent guide to cultivate a healthier and more effective at-home experience.

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