Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Edmentum offers a broad range of rigorous and engaging courses through Edmentum Courseware , Calvert Learning , and BASE Education. Explore your options below.

To view courses available through our fully accredited virtual school, view the EdOptions Academy Course Catalog here.

World Languages


Advanced French A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Advanced Spanish A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
American Sign Language 1a
American Sign Language 1b
American Sign Language 2a
American Sign Language 2b
American Sign Language 3a: Community and Culture
American Sign Language 3b: Conversations and Culture
Chinese 1 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Chinese 2 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
French 1 A/B
French 2 A/B
French 3 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
German 1 A/B
German 2 A/B
Latin 1 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Latin 2 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Spanish 1 A/B
Spanish 2 A/B
Spanish 3 A/B