Architectural Design I

In this course, students will learn various concepts used in the design and architecture field. They will gain an understanding of basic architectural and civil drawings as well as prepare for the Autodesk Certified User certification in AutoCAD exam. In addition to learning fundamental architectural drawing concepts like creating site plans, floor plans, and electrical plans, students will learn functions of Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). CAD functions build on the foundation of architectural drawing, using specialized tools for enhancement, layout, and scale. Students will review the essentials of civil drawings including the interpretation and development of topographical illustrations. To round out the course, students will prepare computer-aided drawings to demonstrate utilizing software to perform activities such as drawing site plans, roof plans, and wall sections. Finally, students will be provided an overview of the requirements, structure, and preparation techniques for the Autodesk Certified User certification in AutoCAD exam.

This course is provided by Pointful Education, through partnership with Edmentum.