CompTIA Cloud+ Certification A/B (CV0-003)

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification (CV0-003) covers the exam objectives of the CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam. Students begin in semester A by identifying cloud service models and deployment models. The course then covers high availability, scaling, network security, application security, user security, and data security in cloud environments. Students learn how to integrate components and provision storage in a cloud environment. At the end of semester A, they explore cloud networking solutions and cloud migrations.

In semester B, students learn how to configure logging, monitoring, and alerting to maintain cloud operations. They explore how to optimize and maintain efficient operation of a cloud environment. The course also covers automation, orchestration, and disaster recovery. Finally, students learn to troubleshoot issues related to security, deployment, connectivity, performance, and automation.

The lesson activities, unit activities, course activity, and course project help students develop and apply critical thinking skills. The videos and animations keep students engaged. And the practice test at the end of the course gives students the opportunity to work through questions similar to those on the CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam.