CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-007) A/B

This course is a two-semester course focused on the exam objectives of CompTIA Network+ certification N10-007. Students will learn about the types of networks, network topologies, the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, Internet protocol addresses, routing, and switching. Students will learn about wireless technologies, virtualization, cloud concepts, and network services. Students will learn about network cables, connectors, network devices, network storage technologies, and wide area networks. Students will learn about network documentation, network monitoring, and remote access methods. Students will learn about business continuity, disaster recovery methods, physical and logical security methods. Students will learn how to secure a wireless network. Students will also learn about network attacks, and various device hardening and mitigation techniques. Finally, students will learn how to troubleshoot issues related to wired connectivity, wireless connectivity, and network services. Unit activities in the course help students to develop and apply critical thinking skills. Animations included in the lesson keep students engaged. Students can understand technical concepts very easily. Simulations provide students a real computer environment to practice various procedural steps. These simulations emulate the CompTIA Network+ performance-based questions. Practice Test at the end of the course help students to attempt questions that are similar to CompTIA Network+ certification N10-007 exam.