Engineering and Technology A/B

Engineering and Technology focuses on the fundamental concepts of engineering and technology. This course covers important inventions and innovations in engineering and technology, engineering's contributions to society, and how fields such as science, mathematics, and technology influence engineering. The course also explores the technologies, principles, and safety considerations in various engineering and technology career areas. It covers how to create models or prototypes of manufacturing, construction, biotechnology, power, and communication systems. Finally, students explore career areas in the engineering and technology industries and learn what skills and education are required for various career options.

Lesson Activities, Unit Activities, and a Course Activity help students develop and apply durable skills such as investigation, innovation, and verbal communication skills. A Course Project focuses on helping students develop additional durable skills such as problem solving, being detail oriented, and critical thinking. Videos and interactive content included in the lessons keep students engaged and make technical concepts easy to understand. The end-of-semester test helps students reinforce their understanding of key concepts.