Florida Algebra 2 A/B

Florida Algebra 2 is a completely re-designed course that offers 100% alignment to the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards for Mathematics. In addition to the emphasis on alignment, the lessons in the new course are designed to be shorter in length than lessons of previous versions, offering focused exploration of topics to make concepts more digestible for learners and intentionally grouped to reinforce connections. Practice questions are included with each lesson, including technology-enhanced items and explanations to assist learners in their understanding of the concepts. Features to support student mastery include worksheets for practice and guided notes to help learners record key takeaways as they move through the tutorial. The course is built around learner engagement, with more interactive lessons, videos that work through examples and model problem-solving skills, and experiences to support multi-modal learning and sense-making. Scaffolding pieces are included throughout the course to provide learners with opportunities to build on foundational skills as well as prepare for greater success by drawing learners’ attention to common misunderstandings and articulating the big ideas that underpin learning. Additionally, the look and feel for the course were inspired by educator feedback. Florida Algebra 2 reflects our commitment to standards alignment and putting the needs of educators and learners first in all aspects of course design.