Florida English 1 A/B

Florida English 1 A/B is a completely re-designed course that offers 100% alignment to the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards for English Language Arts. A balance of fiction and nonfiction texts are used throughout the course, and each unit is designed around a thematic concept to provide cohesiveness to the skills-based lessons and activities that make up the unit. The course intertwines the development of reading skills with the development of writing, speaking and listening, and language skills. Students can look forward to a course where the information is delivered in easy-to-digest chunks using student-friendly language, with assessments that are tightly aligned to the concepts and skills learned in the lesson. Scaffolding pieces, such as Clarifying Big Ideas (CBI) lessons, are included throughout the course to provide learners with opportunities to build on foundational skills as well as prepare for greater success by drawing learners’ attention to common misunderstandings and articulating the big ideas that underpin learning. These CBI lessons include additional modeling, student examples, and detailed explanations to ensure students internalize key concepts discussed in tutorials. The course design reflects educator feedback about student engagement by featuring a variety of interactions, videos, and student resources, such as graphic organizers, worksheets, and guided notes. Florida English 1 reflects our commitment to standards alignment and putting the needs of educators and students first in all aspects of course design.