Florida Mathematics for College Readiness A/B

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Florida Mathematics for College Readiness A/B

Florida Mathematics for College Readiness is a re-designed course that is 100% aligned to the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) established for the course by the Curriculum Planning and Learning Management System (CPALMS). The course is a comprehensive review of mathematical concepts designed to prepare students for the math they’ll experience in college. It includes concepts from algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and statistics and teaches them as interrelated disciplines. Students will likely have studied many of the topics that are presented, but some topics might be new to them.

Florida Mathematics for College Readiness is divided into two semesters, each spread over 90 days. The course and its elements are designed to help students learn in a multifaceted but direct way. Many lessons include one or more lesson activities that use a scaffolded inquiry approach to enable students to develop their own initial understanding of the content and, in the process, help them exercise one or more of the eight Florida Standards for Mathematical Practices as defined by CPALMS.

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