Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) combines instruction in health and physical education in a full-year, integrated course. It focuses on developing skills, habits and attitudes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and applying lessons learned to physical fitness. Through active participation and real-world simulations, the course aims to demonstrate firsthand the value of conscientious lifestyle management.

HOPE lays a foundation for making healthy decisions by building seven skills: accessing valid health information; analyzing internal and external influences; self-management; interpersonal communication; decision-making; goal setting; and advocacy. Students apply these skills to a variety of topics throughout the course, including mental and emotional health, social health, nutrition, physical fitness, substance use and abuse, disease prevention and treatment, and injury prevention and safety. Successful completion of this course will require parent/legal guardian sign-off on student-selected physical activities on weekly participation reports to verify the student is meeting his or her requirements and responsibilities.

This course is built to the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for health and physical education and informed by the National Health Standards (SHAPE).