Natural Resources A/B

Natural Resources is a two-semester course that focuses on the sustainable management of natural resources such as air, water, minerals, energy sources, soil, and land. The course begins with an introduction to types of natural resources, including biotic, abiotic, renewable, and nonrenewable resources, as well as their geographic distribution and uses. It explores how human activities affect the availability of natural resources and examines the environmental and economic consequences of natural resource use and overuse. In addition, the course covers soil, land, forest, and rangeland management. Students will discover career options and the skills needed within the natural resources industry, as well as workplace safety regulations. Finally, the course examines the laws and regulations that govern natural resource use and management.

Lesson Activities, Unit Activities, a Course Activity, and a Course Project help students develop and apply critical thinking skills. Videos and interactive content included in the lessons keep students engaged and make technical concepts easy to understand. The end-of-semester test helps students reinforce their understanding of key concepts.