Principles of Health Science (Apex)

Principles of Health Science provides knowledge and skills students need for careers in health care. Students explore the services, structure, and professions of the health care system and get guidance on choosing a specific career path in health services, including career paths in emergency medicine, nutrition, and alternative medicine. 

Students focus on day-to-day skills and expectations for health professionals, which include promoting wellness, maintaining a safe environment, creating medical records, and practicing good communication, collaboration, and leadership. In addition, students expand their understanding of health and safety systems, learn how to address emergency situations, and deal with infection control issues. Students also explore medical science topics, terminology, procedures, and regulations — including an overview of physiology and medical measurements. 

Using real-life scenarios and application-driven activities, students learn the responsibilities and challenges of being health care professionals and deepen their knowledge of various career options. In addition to building their understanding of technical concepts and skills, students evaluate the qualifications required for specific careers and develop personal career plans to pursue work in the health care industry and extend their knowledge of oral and written communication in health science. 

Principles of Health Science is a full-year Career and Technical Education course for programs of study in health sciences. This course is built to state and national standards.

This updated course was originally created for Apex Courses and is now available in Courseware.