State and Agency Approval

California Department of Education Verified Data List Approval

California Seal Approval

Edmentum is pleased to announce that the California Department of Education has adopted Exact Path as an Academic Progress Indicator on the approved verified data list for charter school renewal.

What assessment list is Exact Path approved for?

Academic Progress Indicators on the CDE approved verified data list are used by California charter schools in the low and middle performance categories as determined by state assessment performance. These charter schools must use verified data to show one-year’s progress for each year in school or strong postsecondary outcomes to be considered for renewal.

What does this mean for California charter schools?

Charter schools can administer Exact Path’s diagnostic assessment for reading, mathematics, and/or language arts as their valid and reliable Academic Progress Indicator and submit Exact Path’s assessment results as verified data to demonstrate measurable academic progress as defined by the CDE.

Exact Path
is a K-12, diagnostic-driven, personalized learning solution ideal for scaling evidence-based interventions. Exact Path’s comprehensive achievement reporting - scale scores, national norms, grade level proficiency, and Lexile® and Quantile® measures – allows schools to understand and demonstrate individual student and school level growth, while its auto-generated individualized learning paths immediately provide targeted interventions to close the opportunity gap for each student.