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Florida Department of Education Assessment Approval

Florida Dept Ed

Edmentum Exact Path, our K–12 diagnostic-driven, individualized instruction program, is now an approved assessment by the Florida Department of Education. Exact Path has achieved approval status for use as an Alternative Assessment for Good Cause Promotion, and a Norm-Referenced Assessment for Florida private school’s annual assessment requirement.

What assessment lists is Exact Path approved for?

Alternative Assessments for Good Cause Promotion are Florida Department of Education approved standardized reading and ELA assessments that may be used in lieu of the statewide ELA assessment to determine a student’s reading proficiency in grades K-3. To be promoted to grade 4, students must demonstrate an acceptable level of literacy performance on the statewide assessment, or on an alternative approved reading or ELA assessment.

Exact Path’s reading diagnostic is a state-approved Alternative Assessment for Good Cause Promotion and can be used to measure students’ level of reading performance. Exact Path can also assist with students that must be provided immediate reading interventions by providing each student with individualized instruction designed to support the Science of Reading, through an automatically generated learning path based on their diagnostic results.

Norm-Referenced Assessments are an annual accountability assessment requirement for private schools in Florida who participate in the Family Empowerment Program, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, or the Hope Scholarship Program. Exact Path’s math, reading, and language arts diagnostics are all approved as norm-referenced assessments to demonstrate academic performance.

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