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Indiana Formative Assessment Grant Approval

State Approval Images Indiana

Indiana's #1 Digital Curriculum Partner, Edmentum, is Formative Assessment Grant Approved for the 2023-24 school year!

Which Edmentum programs were approved?

Exact Path, approved for grades 3–8, offers diagnostic-driven, individualized instruction for students in reading, language arts, and math with valid, reliable diagnostic and benchmark assessments to measure growth and standards proficiency against the Indiana Academic Standards.

Study Island
, approved for grades 3–10, provides rich standards-based benchmarks, practice, and formative assessment for students across all four core subjects and is built from the ground up to Indiana Academic Standards to ensure a successful path toward proficiency.

Who is eligible to participate in this grant?

All Indiana public schools, charter schools, and accredited non-public schools (including Choice scholarship schools) that serve students K-10, can apply to receive funds, based on allocation rules (not competitive grant), for approved math and/or English language arts formative, interim, and benchmark assessments. Learn more about the Indiana Formative (Interim) Assessments Grant.