State and Agency Approval

ISTE Seal for Exact Path


Edmentum Exact Path has been awarded the ISTE Seal 2023-2025!

About the ISTE Seal

Resources and products that are designed with the ISTE Standards in mind and earn a Seal of Alignment are choosing to demonstrate their commitment to supporting critical digital age learning skills and knowledge. Submissions undergo a rigorous review by a panel of experts and are evaluated based on the extent to which they build the skills embodied in the ISTE Standards.

Review for Exact Path

Reviewers found Exact Path's student and teacher interfaces to be highly usable and it's learning design and digital pedagogy to provide students with among the best possible learning experiences. Exact Path fully supports the ISTE Standards and strongly aligns with the technical, pedagogical usability framework.

"Edmentum Exact Path offers accessible entry, customized learning journeys, varied media, real-world applications, inclusive content, and thorough assessment in a student-centered curriculum." 

- ISTE SEAL Review Findings Report

Exact Path combines valid and reliable diagnostic assessments paired with adaptive student learning paths to provide proven academic growth in K-12 reading, language arts, and math. This approval recognizes Exact Path as a highly effective, research-based, resource for successfully acquiring knowledge and skills that are foundational to the globally recognized ISTE Standards.