State and Agency Approval

North Dakota State-Approved Interim Assessment


Edmentum Exact Path, our K–12 diagnostic-driven, individualized instruction program, is now an approved assessment by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI). Exact Path has achieved approval status for use as an interim assessment of mathematics and reading for grades K-10.

What assessment list is Exact Path approved for?

State-Approved Interim Assessments are NDDPI approved interim assessments that may be used in lieu of state-provided interim assessments. All North Dakota school districts must assess students in grades K-10 two times a year in mathematics and reading. North Dakota schools can now administer Exact Path math and reading assessments to meet this testing requirement.

Exact Path’s combined solution of math and reading diagnostics and diagnostic-driven learning paths not only provide educators with valid and reliable assessment data to inform decisions in the classroom and at the district level, but immediately provides every student with age-appropriate, personalized instruction aligned to their academic needs.

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