Efficacy Research

At-Risk Students On Course to Graduate in Sarasota County Schools

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SCS students earned a total of 2,945 credits using Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses. Overall, 78.2% of students who attempted a course earned credit. The percent of credits earned for courses attempted ranged from 69.1% to 83.6% by subject. Additionally, 99.5% of students who completed Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses earned credit. Table 1 below shows the number and percent of credits attempted and earned for attempted and completed courses by subject.

Since implementing Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses in SY2010 – 2011, the district dropout rate has decreased by 49%. The total number of students who dropped out of school decreased by 51% from 287 in SY2009 – 2010 to 140 in SY2013 – 2014.