Efficacy Research

Blended Learning and Test Preparation Improve EOC Exam Scores for Initial Credit Students in Dallas ISD High School

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Students using Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses in the Blended Learning English III classroom performed significantly better on ACP exams than students enrolled in the English III classes not using Apex Learning Courses. English III ACP fall and spring exams combined, the average score on end-of-semester exams for students using Apex Learning Courses is equivalent to 22 percentile points greater than students not using Apex Learning Courses.

After using Tutorials, the average Algebra II performance of original credit students on the spring end-of-semester exam improved significantly from the fall end-of-semester exam (Appendix, Table 5). The average score on the spring exam is equivalent to 9 percentile points greater after using Tutorials than the average fall exam, administered before using Tutorials (ES=.24, p<.01).