Foundational Research

Executive Summary: State-Level Student Growth Strategies

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Across the nation, individual states measure student growth differently. This analysis sorts the growth strategies used in twenty states into six different models. It goes into detail on each of the six models, provides real examples of how models are used by different states, and examines how states use student growth as an accountability measure.

Understanding how these states measure student growth provides a basis for modeling growth in Exact Path and will continue to inform future investment for this Edmentum program.

  • Each state has its own approach to growth: some states have adopted one or more of the currently available models, and some are considering developing new models.
  • The models are not mutually exclusive: they have some similarities in terms of assumptions for statistical models, data required to implement the model, or information obtained from the growth results.
  • Exact Path currently uses the Gain Score model and may adopt additional models in the future. Ongoing research and development efforts will ensure continued investment in strengthening Edmentum’s approach to growth measurement.