Foundational Research

Learning Design and Research Base for Edmentum Courseware

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WEBD 35 007 Edmentum Courseware Learning Design and Research Base

Today’s students eagerly expect, and often have need for digital learning environments. As the sophistication of educational technology has expanded, many teachers have come to rely on online learning, whether to capture and analyze real-time student performance data, or to deliver individualized content in a blended classroom. We have seen this effect most recently when schools were forced to close their physical locations during the coronavirus pandemic; virtual tools and educational technology became a major delivery mechanism and key support.

Technology continues to be a meaningful tool used by educators to maintain instruction with their students. Knowing that technology will never replace the importance of teachers, educators have embraced the additional opportunities to set up their students for success. Engaging digital content has expanded what teachers can do within a traditional classroom or a blended learning environment, and multiple implementations confirm its power to enable instruction in a virtual setting on a large scale. Furthermore, schools and districts have been able to utilize digital educational tools to reach students who have not had success in traditional school settings or who require more flexibility in setting, schedule, or instructional pace. Data gathered from engaging digital content serves a key role in continuity planning for the future. Edmentum develops research-based digital educational solutions and tools to support teachers in creating successful student outcomes, no matter the educational setting.

This paper discusses:

  • the needs of today’s learners and educators
  • six foundational research-backed learning design principles of Edmentum Courseware that support teachers and students in achieving learning outcomes
  • the role of Edmentum Courseware in learning environments