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Student Achievement Increases After Switch to Apex Learning

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Early County Schools, Georgia

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In 2014, Early County School System in Blakely, Georgia, was using a digital curriculum provider that primarily relied on prerecorded video lectures to replicate the traditional classroom model. Students were not expected to do much more than watch and click.

“We switched to Apex Learning because our students were bored with our previous curriculum provider where they had to passively sit and watch a teacher giving a lecture.”

Jennifer Brown, EdD, Curriculum Director
Early County Schools, Georgia


Early County Schools switched to Apex Learning to offer both credit recovery and original credit for summer school and at the district’s alternative school. French and Spanish courses were also offered due to limited teacher availability.

Apex Learning’s active learning instructional design enables students to learn by doing rather than by passively watching and reading. Support is provided the moment students need it so they stay engaged and motivated. Rather than being told what they should know, students are prompted to interact with the content and build their own knowledge.

“With Apex Learning, they have the opportunity to learn in several different ways to ensure they master the material, and that’s what keeps them engaged," says Jennifer Brown, Curriculum Director. "The curriculum options are a powerful part of the program. Students can work at their own pace, and the rigor of the assignments holds them more accountable.”


Now that students are using Apex Learning curriculum, they actively participate in their learning. Students remain engaged, stay on schedule, and achieve at higher levels. Students now have the opportunity to take a lab with Earth Science class. Prior to partnering with Apex Learning, this was not an option.

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