Edmentum Exact Path Approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education as a Read to Achieve Alternative Assessment

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Edmentum Exact Path Approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education as a Read to Achieve Alternative Assessment

Exact Path approved for statewide adoption by the North Carolina SBE for the 2018–19 school year

October 16, 2018 - Minneapolis

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Edmentum, a global education leader and a pioneer in online teaching and learning solutions, is excited to announce that Exact Path has recently been approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education for use an alternative assessment under the state’s 3rd grade reading initiative, Read to Achieve. Exact Path provides assessment-driven individualized learning paths for K–8 reading, language arts, and math, aligned to North Carolina standards.

North Carolina’s Read to Achieve program was founded in 2012 under the unified goal to ensure that all students are reading at or above grade level by the end of 3rd grade. Under this approval, students may take the Exact Path adaptive diagnostic assessment in place of the mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ assessment.

Edmentum Exact Path aligns with State Superintendent Mark Johnson’s priority “to reduce time you must spend assessing and testing students.” In addition to offering efficient assessments with immediate actionable data, the program automatically provides students with an individualized playlist of curriculum that personalizes the learning experience. Designed to meet students where they are ready to start learning, Exact Path promotes academic growth by closing discrete skill gaps and ensuring that students receive the fundamental skills necessary to read successfully. Early research confirms that when learning paths are used in focused sessions of just 20 minutes per week, per subject, students’ outcomes significantly increase.

“We’re committed to supporting educators by delivering programs that provide more personalized experiences for students,” said Shane Dennison, state and federal programs manager at Edmentum. “Learners can successfully drive their learning journey by demonstrating exactly what they know and are ready to learn next via our valid and reliable assessments. What’s more, it also goes a step further to offer 100% mobile-optimized, iPad-accessible instruction, practice, and assessments that are age-appropriate for K–3 learners.”

Edmentum Exact Path is now an approved Read to Achieve alternative assessment. View the State Board of Education’s official list of approved Read to Achieve Local Alternative Assessments for 2018-19. To learn more about Exact Path, please visit https://www.edmentum.com/products/exact-path.

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