Third-Party Research Demonstrates Positive Impacts of Edmentum Exact Path on Student Achievement

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Third-Party Research Demonstrates Positive Impacts of Edmentum Exact Path on Student Achievement

Edmentum releases new research conducted by Century Analytics that shows students who use Exact Path are proven to make gains in achievement

February 7, 2019 - Minneapolis

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Kevin Briody

Edmentum, a global education leader and pioneer in online teaching and learning solutions, is pleased to release a series of new research studies: Impacts of Edmentum’s Exact Path on Student Reading Achievement, Impacts of Edmentum’s Exact Path on Student Language Arts Achievement, and Impacts of Edmentum’s Exact Path on Mathematics Achievement. Century Analytics conducted each of the three rigorous evaluations of Edmentum Exact Path to reveal statistically significant positive impacts for student usage of Exact Path across all three of the available subjects—reading, language arts, and mathematics. These studies were designed to meet the What Works Clearinghouse™ (WWC) 4.0 standards needed to achieve a rating of “WWC Group Design Standards with Reservations.” These studies also meet the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) level of evidence-based intervention requirements for “Moderate Evidence.”

“Providing high-quality research in support of our learning programs ensures and builds upon the evidence of the positive impact the programs can make,” said Dr. Karen Barton, senior vice president of research and design at Edmentum. “We are grateful to our partners at Century Analytics for carefully measuring student outcomes to demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs.”

This study evaluated the impact of Exact Path usage on the winter diagnostic assessment of student achievement. Ensuring comparable groups at baseline with the fall diagnostic assessment, results reveal that students who complete Exact Path lessons in the learning progression assigned to them make statistically significant positive gains in achievement compared to students who do not complete any lessons. These results also suggest that Exact Path is targeting the skills that students need to develop in order to improve their reading, language arts, and math achievement.

“I was pleased to partner with Edmentum and use my expertise and training to design a rigorous study that estimates the impact of Exact Path on student achievement,” said Dr. Bruce Randel, president and consultant at Century Analytics. “The evidence of Exact Path’s effectiveness provided by this study should help districts nationwide make informed decisions about choosing and implementing blended and online learning programs for their students to use every day.”

Exact Path promotes academic growth for K–8 students in reading, language arts, and math by closing discrete skill gaps and propelling learning forward in a personalized learning environment. The program begins with adaptive diagnostic assessments that pinpoint each student’s instructional level, strengths, and needs. Exact Path then automatically provides students with an individualized playlist of curriculum and progress indicators to ensure achievement.

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