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Inform instruction with classroom assessment

  • Formatively check for understanding
  • Benchmark learning against skills and standards
  • Monitor progress toward proficiency
  • Plan for instruction with real-time data
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Interested in classroom assessment programs for your school or district?

Edmentum is excellent for formative assessment and the triangulation of student data in PLCs [professional learning communities].

Mark Calvin, Principal
Bucklin USD #459, KS

Always know where learning stands

Wouldn't it be nice if, immediately after teaching something, you could confidently say that all students learned the concept you so carefully unpacked, prepared, and delivered? As you know, that is rarely the case, but with classroom assessment, you can eliminate the guessing game of who knows what and who's ready to move on.

Gif of a timer with center split into quarters that are filling up the center. Each quarter is represented by short-cyle with daily or weekly checks for understanding, medium-cycle for unit or interim benchmarks, and long-cycle for end-of-year summative assessments.

Embed checks for understanding

When educators embed assessment into the learning process, there's no holding your breath at the end of a unit or semester. Classroom assessments, like those offered in Study Island, give you the flexibility to structure succinct, targeted practice; quizzes; and tests that capture the level of understanding in your classroom. And, benchmark assessments, like those offered in Study Island and Edmentum Assessments, provide interim evaluations of progress.


Assess for learning

Changing the motivation behind administering another test, from one of merely data reflection to that of providing a compass to guide future instruction, sums up the value classroom assessment can offer. Edmentum programs help you answer "what's next?" by bubbling up key insights in real time using data-rich analytics and reports.

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Conduct informal formative assessments

Check for understanding using short-cycle assessments to drive timely support and intervention. Study Island allows you to lead interactive and collaborative Group Sessions, as well as to offer purposeful independent practice focused on specific grade-level standards. Whichever path you choose, you can get feedback that incorporates suggested strategies and clarifies correct answers on the spot.


The main benefit of Study Island is that it helps my students achieve grade-level growth and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Darlene Beishline, K-12 Study Island District Facilitator
Shamokin Area School District, PA

Visualize progress across a unit or period of time

Assessing achievement at the end of a unit can offer important insights that enlighten future instruction. Study Island Built Tests allow you to create and distribute tests built from a robust bank of standards-based questions. You can customize tests that include the precise amount of questions, number of technology-enhanced items, and specific subjects and grade levels you desire.

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Benchmark learning to assess understanding

Fixed interim assessments can be a critical tool to help you evaluate student progress toward meeting grade-level state standards. Study Island and Edmentum Assessments deliver benchmarks developed to meet the evolving needs of your assessment blueprints using the exact item types students will experience on state summative tests.


Interested in classroom assessment programs for your school or district?

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Research & Efficacy

Explore the powerful benefits of Study Island when used as a classroom assessment tool.

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Build effective assessments for your district, school, or classroom with this guide.

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