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Accelerate learning for all students with proven products

Edmentum’s programs—rooted in a rich base of instructional research and evidence of effectiveness—include robust, K–12 resources that teachers can use as the foundation of their instruction or in blended learning models to ensure that students master grade-level and course standards. Our curricula, assessments, and services can help educators target individual learner needs to accelerate learning recovery.

Study Island

K–12 standards-based practice, formative assessment, and test preparation

How can Study Island help?

Exact Path

K-12 diagnostic-driven instruction and intervention for academic growth

How can Exact Path help?

Apex Tutorials

6-12 course acceleration and test readiness

How can Apex Tutorials help?

Edmentum Courseware

6-adult original credit, credit recovery & college and career readiness

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Apex Courses

Secondary original credit, credit recovery & college and career readiness

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Calvert Learning

Engaging elementary, project-based curriculum in virtual and blended learning environments

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Reading Eggs

Foundational reading and phonics intervention for pre-K–6 learners

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Support educators and build capacity for virtual programming

Address Staffing Shortages and Expand Access to Course Options

Enhanced Virtual Learning

Address teacher shortages and keep students in the building by bringing in a certified virtual teacher, who can lead instruction aligned to your bell schedule.

Flexible Virtual Learning

Expand access and increase student flexibility with anytime, anywhere virtual instruction that pairs Edmentum's state-certified, virtual teachers with our award-winning catalog of courses.

In-District Virtual Program

Develop a sustainable virtual program that keeps your students in your district, while providing them a flexible path toward graduation success.

Strengthen Instruction with Tutoring & Intervention

On-Demand Tutoring

Through our FEV Tutor partnership, supercharge credit-bearing success and provide just-in-time course-specific support with 1:1 virtual 24/7 tutoring.

High-Impact Tutoring

Through our Littera partnership, support intensive skills recovery for individual students by offering high-impact, high-dosage tutoring.

Targeted Small-Group Instruction

Provide high-quality small-group support led by a qualified educator and start leveling up your instructional day intervention for students with similar needs and abilities.

Build Capacity & Maximize Teacher Talent

Grading Service

Allow expert grading assistants to provide high-quality grading and student feedback, letting your teachers focus on what they do best—teaching.

Instructional Coaching

Prepare educators to teach effectively in the virtual classroom, building capacity and confidence through instructional coaching, mentoring, and PD, with an optional certification.

Support Services

Grant families a dedicated live support line, support the needs of the whole learner with dedicated coaches, and bring in virtual IEP Consultants for qualified students.

“This is the first time that I feel like we have truly partnered and not just bought a product.”

— Dr. Gale D. Satchel, Superintendent
Colbert County Schools, AL

Achieve your goals with expert educational consulting

A partnership with Edmentum means access to a team of education technology professionals committed to making sure that your investment enhances student achievement.

On-Site Experiences

Offer an engaging, in-person experience designed to prepare district and school staff to leverage Edmentum programs, make instructional decisions, maximize the learning experience, and improve student outcomes.

Virtual Experiences

Provide a collaborative and interactive environment that allows participants to join in real time from any location. Edmentum utilizes familiar online technology to provide remote engagements with collaborative tools to enhance the participant experience.

On-Demand Resources

Access self-guided opportunities to enhance the use of Edmentum programs. These resources target specific features or practices to improve outcomes. Getting-started guides, videos, and recorded webinars provide additional opportunities for educators to access the information they need when they need it.

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