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Support the whole learner with BASE

Edmentum proudly partners with BASE Education to offer curriculum and assessment rooted in mental health and wellness principles and underscored by clinical research.

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Grades K–12

100+ modules to serve
educators and students

CASEL designated as evidence-based and well-designed


Curriculum and assessment to support the whole learner


Recognized by CASEL

BASE education has been designated "Promising" by CASEL, thereby recognized by a leading research organization for being well-designed and evidence based.


100+ modules to support instruction

Did you know that students who receive instruction that addresses whole learner needs perform better academically than their peers?
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"My favorite [BASE Education] unit so far is self-esteem.... This unit, I think, is silently helping a lot of people in our class get to know themselves better."

- Anonymous student testimonial,

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BASEline Formative Assessment Answers "What's Next?"

This 15-minute formative assessment reliably measures grades 6-12 students' strengths and needs in domains reflective of CASEL competencies and school engagement. Immediate results recommend and assign targeted courses to prescribe just-right content for all learners on their journeys and allows schools to measure growth every 90 days. Learn more about BASEline.


Powerful features and functionality

BASE Education brings unique capabilities to the classroom, ensuring that mental health and wellness is integrated into the fabric of your every day.

Companion modules provide parents, families, and caregivers with the language and insights to connect with their child.
Modules are offered in more than 50 languages, with text-to-speech, vocabulary tools, and educator guides.
100% of student responses are captured, even if they are deleted before submission. Additionally, potentially harmful Firewords™ are captured and highlighted to guide intervention. Read this accompanying blog post.
Review module progress, recent activity, and module completion. Dig in deeper to analyze individual student responses to guide intervention and ongoing teacher-student relationships.
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