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Achieve your goals with expert education consulting

  • Develop a custom plan aligned to your objectives
  • Equip educators with professional learning and coaching
  • Foster adoption and progress toward outcomes
  • Employ the expertise of former educators and training professionals

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This is the first time that I feel like we have truly partnered and not just bought a product.

Dr. Gale D. Satchel, Superintendent
Colbert County Schools, AL

A true partner in education

As a partner to more than 8,000 school districts, we understand that implementing a new program can be challenging. That’s why a partnership with Edmentum means access to a team of former educators and education technology professionals committed to making sure that your investment enhances student achievement.


A custom plan aligned to your objectives

Whether your objective is to boost test scores, raise graduation rates, implement personalized learning, or improve college and career readiness, your education consultant will meet with you to understand the challenges that you, your teachers, and your students are facing. Then, together, we’ll set goals and develop a plan to achieve them.


Education consulting that goes beyond training

Educator training and program setup will be a part of your custom plan, but our consulting doesn’t stop there. We also provide classroom coaching to reinforce best practices and to help your educators integrate Edmentum programs seamlessly into their current instructional activities.


You can definitely tell that they have a passion for education.

Thomas Casteel, Principal
Colbert Heights High School, AL

Progress monitoring to promote adoption

Regular check-ins with your education consultant allow you and your team to collaborate to assess progress toward goals and to strategize solutions to any obstacles that may come up along the way.

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Educators supporting educators

The Edmentum education consulting team is made up of former educators and education technology experts experienced in isolating specific needs, providing personalized support, and boosting program adoption. They will bring their knowledge, experience, and passion for education to support your program’s success.


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