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Edmentum’s customizable K–12 practice and assessment solution, Study Island, is designed to support formative assessment strategies in the classroom. With over 600,000 items designed specifically to individual state standards, you have the flexibility and depth you need to support student learning and continuously engage, monitor, and assess student progress. Our meaningful features are designed to save you time and increase student performance.

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Provide standards-aligned practice and assessments

We can help ensure students are meeting grade-level standards expectations with rigorous practice and are preparing for high-stakes assessments with preparation that mimics their testing experience. Study Island includes:

  • Engaging, standards-based programs for independent practice and reinforcement
  • High-stakes assessment preparation for state, PARCC, and SBAC tests
  • District- and school-level benchmarking and customizable, grade-level assessments
  • Collaborative classroom practice to support formative strategies

Deliver engaging practice and instruction

Whether you would like to offer students structured independent practice or you are looking for ways to engage large or small groups at one time, Edmentum's Study Island includes a collection of session types. You can:

  • Offer structured learning experiences through built-in student tools, including font-size adjustment, scratch pads, and highlighters
  • Incentivize practice and reward student achievement with over 20 built-in games
  • Encourage offline practice during small-group or station time with printable worksheets that use the same great, standards-based questions

Manage and analyze student data in real time

Edmentum brings data-rich analytics to life via intuitive charts, graphs, and visual cues. Through our real-time reporting and intuitive teacher dashboard, Edmentum Sensei, you can seamlessly access data, monitor learning outcomes, and interact with students. Study Island allows you to:

  • Visualize and track student progress toward grade-level standards mastery
  • Monitor program usage and track student activities in Study Island
  • Access detailed reports and actionable data at the district, school, grade, and individual student level
  • Review disaggregated reporting for special populations or specific demographics
  • Make faster, more informed decisions and assign practice directly from the data dashboard
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Study Island: Your K-12 Practice and Classroom Assessment Solution

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Customize assignments and classroom assessments

Build short-, medium-, and long-cycle assessments based on state and Common Core standards. With easy access to thousands of practice and assessment questions, including a variety of technology-enhanced items, you can:

  • Create, customize, schedule, and distribute standards-based tests
  • Target learning needs by creating unique assignments for specific classes and students
  • Access thousands of practice and assessment questions, including a variety of technology-enhanced items
  • Generate actionable reports on school and student performance

Promote higher-order thinking

Technology-enhanced item types help prepare students for more rigorous and interactive web-based exams. Based on the designs employed by next-generation assessments, these technology-enhanced items:

  • Include over 10,000 diverse items featuring hot text, hot spot, cloze, fill in the blank, and more
  • Have been developed using Webb’s depth of knowledge (DOK) guidelines
  • Promote higher-order thinking and deeper inquiry
  • Ensure that students are exposed to the appropriate level of content

Formatively assess understanding

No need to buy a set of classroom clickers—with Study Island, they are already built in! Keep students engaged, and monitor progress toward standards mastery using Group Sessions. This unique practice option is designed to help facilitate short-cycle assessments with small and large groups of students. You can:

  • Administer multiple-choice and technology-enhanced questions to large or small groups via mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers
  • Monitor progress with interactive, real-time student response data
  • Quickly identify areas where students are excelling and where more instruction is needed

What's New in Study Island

We are continuously investing in opportunities to enhance Study Island in support of simple technology, quality curriculum, actionable data, and customer success. This summer, we’re excited to reveal a series of updates that include a new student interface, improved teacher experience, and updated assessment tools.

Learn more about these and other summer enhancements!


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