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Study Island

Practice you and your students will love.

  • State standards-aligned programs to drive proficiency
  • High-stakes assessment preparation
  • Customizable classroom assessments and flexible practice
  • Real-time progress monitoring to track student outcomes

Interested in Study Island for your school or district?

The new, improved Study Island is the only differentiation tool you will need. Being standards and research-based, you won’t find a better all-in-one site for the classroom.

Teachers’ Choice Award (TCA) Reviewer
Study Island was awarded Learning Magazine’s 2018 TCA for the Classroom

Better than ever before, have you seen Study Island lately?

Study Island offers K-12 practice and classroom assessment tools for math, ELA, science, and social studies. With over 600,000 unique items, including more than 65,000 technology-enhanced items, Study Island offers the depth needed to continuously engage, assess, and monitor progress toward grade-level standards proficiency. 



Flexible practice options at your fingertips

Learning should be guided by data-driven instructional decisions. Use features like Group Sessions to engage students in collaborative practice on any Internet-enabled device, and formatively assess learning with Built Tests, which allow you to create, assign, and share targeted assessments. Plus, integration with Clever and ClassLink make managing student data easy and provide educators and learners with a seamless experience.




Proven effective by high-quality research

Validated by Marzano Research, Study Island has been proven to improve student achievement. Our research study shows that Study Island meets ESSA requirements and confirms that when used consistently, just 30 minutes per week, per subject, Study Island produces significant growth outcomes for students.




Trusted state standards alignment

We are committed to maintaining tight alignment with your state standards. Our dedicated, in-house curriculum team builds content from the ground up to meet each state's ever-changing needs. View Study Island programs built specifically for your state.



Personalized practice makes perfect

Study Island inspires students to drive their own learning journey with a personalized homepage that keeps tabs on available assignments and tests, suggested topics for additional reinforcement, and progress toward standards proficiency.




Meet our happy customers:

Blended Learning

Discover how Quitman Street Community School in New Jersey has embraced Study Island to implement blended learning.

Standards Proficiency

Learn how Red Mill Elementary School in Pennsylvania is ensuring student proficiency.

Formative Assessment

Hear how educators formatively assess students to make data-driven instructional decisions.



Bringing data to life

How do you know if students are meeting the expectations of your state's standards? Quickly track progress toward mastery using our data-rich, real-time dashboard, Sensei. And, analyze student performance with customizable reports at the district, school, grade, and student level.



15+ Years of Curriculum Expertise

Study Island incorporates high-quality multiple choice and technology-enhanced items, developed using Webb's depth of knowledge (DOK) guidelines. As students practice, they are also supported with built-in student tools, immediate student feedback, and automatic remediation to ensure success.




Interested in Study Island for your school or district?



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Learn how Study Island is used by schools and districts across the country.



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