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Individualized Learning K-8

Individualized learning for your K-8 students

  • Begin instruction at just the right level
  • Pace learning to each student’s targeted needs
  • Give students control over their educational journey
  • Make data-driven decisions to guide next steps

Interested in individualized learning programs for your school or district?

There is a great difference between the highs and lows [of students]. There is only one of me. As a teacher, it’s very reassuring to know that [students are] working on something that they need to work on specifically based on their assessment.

Theresa Ricketts, 5th Grade Teacher
Colbert Heights Elementary School, AL

Shed the one-size-fits-all approach

While large class sizes often challenge an educator’s ability to personalize the learning experience, educational technology is chipping away at that problem by helping individualize learning based on students’ strengths and weaknesses. With adaptive solutions in place, students below, on, and above grade can work at their precise instructional level.


Achieve success with comprehensive K–8 program

When your online program is individualized, you can facilitate a deeper, more effective learning experience for students. With Edmentum Exact Path’s assessment-driven learning paths, educators at all levels of the learning process are armed with technology, curriculum, and actionable data to make it possible.


Plan instruction based on assessment data

Combat the traditional teach-to-the-middle model by understanding your students’ baseline competencies from the beginning. Utilize Exact Path’s research-based adaptive diagnostic assessments to ensure that your instructional planning is guided by data. To learn more, download our math and reading and language arts white papers.


Reach students at their instructional level

Teaching time is always in short supply, so when your students are on different levels, how do you reach them all? Add individualized instruction into your station-rotation model or computer lab time utilizing Exact Path’s adaptive learning paths to serve up the right level of content.

In a case where a parent and I both had concerns that a student’s needs were not being met, I had to humbly admit I was not sure I could meet them by myself. Because of Exact Path’s capabilities, family support, colleague support, and administrative support, this student will continue to flourish.

Krystal Smith, 5th Grade Teacher
Twin Rivers Intermediate School, PA

Calculate growth for every student

When learning is individualized, growth is the name of the game. Utilizing a research-based testing algorithm based on our valid skills progression, Exact Path calculates growth from one assessment to the next. Data is then presented in friendly reports and data visualizations that both highlight district-level trends and drill down to individual learner progress.


Let students own their progress

Research shows that students who track their own progress toward goals are more likely to make greater gains in reaching them. Make setting, pursuing, and achieving academic goals a priority. Exact Path recognizes each student’s unique pathway toward success by rewarding both grit and mastery using built-in engagement tools that connect back to what you’re doing in the classroom.


Interested in individualized learning programs for your school or district?


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