K-8 Practice and Prep


Standards-based practice and test preparation

  • Drive learning in alignment with your state’s standards
  • Provide high-quality, varied practice that motivates student success
  • Assess for learning to inform ongoing instruction
  • Prepare for summative exams to ensure testing success
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Study Island has helped us find the weak spots and allowed us to focus on those areas required to see growth in our students.

–Kelly Melton, Curriculum Specialist
Muhlenberg North Middle School, KY

Effective practice to meet grade-level expectations

At Edmentum, we believe in the value of practice to provide deliberate, goal-directed skill rehearsal and reflection so that students build automaticity and long-term memory. Practice, when done right, is so much more than “drill and kill.” With explicit practice, your students can access and apply increasingly complex information and unlock new learning opportunities.

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High-quality practice to support formative assessment

Maximize your practice and preparation by focusing on a larger formative assessment strategy. Defined as assessment for learning, formative assessments are an essential part of the instructional process. Study Island supports this classroom practice by offering flexible options that help you deliver content built to the specific set of standards outlined in your curriculum scope and sequence.


Evidence-based practice that works

Grounded in pedagogical best practices and lauded by teachers nationwide, Edmentum’s Study Island offers flexible classroom practice and assessment preparation that is proven to improve student achievement. With over 600,000 items built to state and national standards, we offer the depth needed to ensure grade-level proficiency.

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Data-driven learning to empower instruction

When you have access to real-time indicators of time-on-task, progress, and mastery, making just-in-time instructional decisions in support of your larger formative assessment strategy is much easier. Study Island helps you focus the practice and preparation efforts of your students using interactive data and customizable reporting.


This program has absolutely prepared our students for testing by making their preparation exciting and fun.

–Luke Barry, Student Assessment Specialist
Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, PA

Technology-enhanced items to prepare 21st century learners

To help students prepare for the questions they’ll experience on high-stakes exams, Study Island includes over 10,000 technology-enhanced items. Representing 13 different item types and built using the depth of knowledge (DOK) guidelines, these learning items promote higher-order thinking and inquiry for your 21st century learners.

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Preparation for high-stakes assessments

When test day rolls around, your students’ scores should be reflective of their content knowledge, not their ability to decode the test itself. Prepare students with Study Island Benchmarks built specifically to your state’s testing blueprints. Benchmarks give students low-risk opportunities to practice navigating online testing environments and provide you with strong predictors of end-of-year summative test scores.


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