North Carolina Read to Achieve Alternative Assessments

North Carolina Read to Achieve

The North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) approved Edmentum Exact Path as a Read to Achieve Alternative Assessment for the 2019-20 school year. Students may take the Exact Path adaptive diagnostic assessment in place of mCLASS and should receive a Lexile level of 725 or higher to earn proficiency within End-of-Grade 3 achievement expectations.

Edmentum Exact Path aligns with State Superintendent Mark Johnson’s goal “to reduce time you must spend assessing and testing students.” In addition to offering efficient assessments with immediate actionable data, students also automatically receive an individualized learning playlist of instruction, practice, and progress checks to personalize the learning experience. Designed to meet students where they are ready to start learning, Exact Path promote academic growth by closing discrete skill gaps and ensuring students receive the fundamentals necessary to read successfully.

Edmentum Exact Path Approval

View the State Board of Education’s official list of approved Read to Achieve Local Alternative Assessments for 2019-20.

About the North Carolina Read to Achieve Program

North Carolina’s Read to Achieve legislative initiative is a K-3 comprehensive reading policy under the Excellent Public Schools Act. Under this state law, third-grade students who are not reading at grade level by the end of third grade will receive special help, including summer reading camp and other interventions to make sure that they can read well enough to be able to do fourth-grade work. Since the enactment of this legislation in 2012, there has been clear advancement toward ensuring all students are reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade. Learn more about North Carolina’s Read to Achieve program.