University of California "a-g" Online School List

Edmentum’s EdOptions is approved by the University of California "a-g" organization as an online high school provider. Select EdOptions course are approved with additional courses available for students to enroll in at the discretion of the CA UC a-g organization.


Click here to visit the University of California "a-g" website for a full list of approved courses.

Download a printable list of EdOptions approved courses through the CA UC a-g online school platform .

About the University of California "a-g" Program

The High School Articulation unit communicates and implements UC faculty policy regarding high school coursework that fulfills the “a-g” subject requirements for freshman admissions to the University. The staff evaluate and assess high school courses for quality and rigor. Through a diverse array of resources, we support educators and administrators in designing college-preparatory courses. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the preparation of high school students to attend the University of California. More information about the University of California a-g organization is available here .