Test Readiness

Test Readiness

Really ready students for high-stakes exams

When students feel prepared and supported during high-stakes testing, it takes a lot of pressure off them—and pressure off educators and administrators who are expected to deliver results.

With the Edmentum test readiness solutions, there are no surprises; both students and teachers have insight into where they are underprepared and resources that prep them for success.

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It Takes Test Prep…and More

Effectively preparing for high-stakes tests takes a combination of practice and instruction. With the Edmentum assessment-aligned solutions, students learn how to approach items by practicing with the same types of items used on the test and receive practice and instruction on the skills and concepts to be tested.

Aligned with State Standards

Alignment with state standards ensures that instruction leads to high-stakes test success. Edmentum solutions build deep understanding of standards-aligned, grade-level, and prerequisite skills and concepts that build to serve students today, on the test, and in the future.

Informing Instruction

To help prepare students for test success, educators need continuous data to see how students are performing. Having this actionable data helps teachers better prepare individual, small group, and whole class learning. To quickly pinpoint needs, standards-aligned reporting in Edmentum provides ongoing easy-to-read-and-interpret data.

Standards Growth & Mastery

Standards-driven state tests—like those mandated for students grades 3-8—not only measure how well students are performing against common criteria, but they also provide educators with valuable standard-by-standard information to guide instruction. You can easily provide each student with a personalized path to test readiness and growth with Edmentum’s Study Island and Apex Tutorials.

Learn more about how game-based, standards-aligned Study Island and course-aligned Apex Tutorials provide ELA, math, science, and social studies test prep.

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“We aren't guessing what a student's capability on performance standards is. The data provided allows us to have knowledge of how a student should perform on accountability measures or state-mandated testing.”

Pacific Charter Institute, CA Learning Analyst

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End-of-Course (EOC) Tests

For some students, end-of-course (EOC) tests present a barrier to graduation. To help students break down that barrier, Edmentum EOC prep solutions focus students on the categories where they have the greatest need and provide test-taking strategies, beneficial for first time test takers who need to assess and reinforce readiness and for test re-takers who want to concentrate on specific categories.

See the ESSA-level research validating that more students using EOC Tutorials achieved proficiency than students not using Tutorials.

High-Stakes College Entrance and High School Equivalency Exams

College entrance and high school equivalency exams may seem far apart in purpose, but they both open doors to opportunity. On-demand resources for ACT®, SAT®, ACCUPLACER®, TSI Assessment, GED®, HiSET®, and the TASC Test increase equity through access to preparation for these potentially life-changing exams.

Learn more about how Courseware and Apex Tutorials prepare students for high-stakes tests.

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