Whole Learner Support

Whole Learner Support

Go beyond academics to support the whole learner

A student’s well-being has a big impact on their academic success.

Developing essential life skills that go beyond academics helps students better manage the situations they encounter at school, at home, and within their communities; improves academic achievement; and decreases behavioral issues.

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Create a Baseline

Seeing growth requires knowing where you started. When administered several times a year, benchmark assessments help track changes in schools and the district to better understand school culture and student needs.

Support Students

Prevention, intervention, and integration into core curriculum are three hallmarks of well-round support for the social emotional wellness of the whole learner. Social and emotional concepts are learned behaviors that can be practiced for greater proficiency through programs that intentionally integrate them into the school day.

Support Educators

School communities thrive when educators are prepared to facilitate school environments where students feel heard, safe, and challenged to grow. As with students, intentional attention to the social and emotional wellness of educators creates a more satisfying school culture.

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Social Emotional Learning

When choosing a social emotional learning program, look for ease of use, grounding in mental health and wellness principals, and approval by the leading professional organization. Edmentum is proud to partner with BASE Education offer their benchmark assessments and curriulum for K-12 students and educators.

Learn more about the evidence-based BASE Education program built by educators and mental health professions for students and their teachers.

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“BASE…is saving lives, changing behaviors, and creating honest relationships between adults and hard-to-reach teens.”

Principal Demorst Elementary, GA

Executive Functioning

Executive function (EF) skills are the mental processes that enable students to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks successfully. These skills support the whole learning and are vital for academic success.

Edmentum offers EF assessments and activities for whole- or small-group learning for K-2 students.