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Edmentum Exact Path Earns LearnPlatform’s Impact-Ready Certification and 3 Level II ESSA Badges

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Edmentum Exact Path Earns LearnPlatform’s Impact-Ready Certification and 3 Level II ESSA Badges

Recognition highlights Edmentum’s commitment to proven, evidence-backed solutions that support student success

Bloomington, MN (June 28, 2022) - Edmentum Exact Path program has earned the Impact Ready Certification from LearnPlatform, an educational research company, along with 3 ESSA Evidence Badges. Exact Path utilizes adaptive diagnostic assessments paired with individualized learning paths to promote academic growth.

The certification spotlights Edmentum’s commitment to deliver effective educational solutions, including research that grows, shows, and shares evidence of effectiveness with districts, state agencies, and partners. In addition to the Impact Ready Certification, which confirms programs are built upon a solid research base, Exact Path earned three Level II “Moderate Evidence” badges, validating that studies conducted on the effectiveness of Exact Path meet the rigorous requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) and the Standards for Excellence in Educational Research (SEER). All studies found positive, significant impact of the program on math, reading, and language arts achievement.

“This independent validation of Exact Path research further confirms its positive impact on student achievement,” said Todd Mahler, Chief Product Officer. “Exact Path is proven to accelerate growth through valid, reliable diagnostic assessments and adaptive learning paths that personalize student learning.”

The prestigious Impact-Ready Certification and the connected research, help districts and schools identify evidence-based solutions and inform their procurement decisions and implementation practices. LearnPlatform’s ESSA Evidence Badges are earned by solutions based on the ESSA level of evidence validated for each context-based study. To determine the evidence rating, LearnPlatform developed an ESSA Validation Rubric with five factors derived from ESSA and What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) standards: sample, methodology, baseline equivalence, implementation, and findings.

“With districts accessing over 1,400 tools every month, it’s imperative for leaders to have access to evidence to inform their edtech decisions,” said Mary Styers, Ph.D., Director of Research for LearnPlatform. “Ultimately, both educators and providers need to be able to understand whether the tools they are using are having the intended impact on students.”

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About LearnPlatform

Launched in 2014, LearnPlatform is home to an award-winning team of educators, researchers, technologists and thought leaders who build and deliver ground-breaking tools that increase the capacity of educators and their organizations to research, select and evaluate digital learning products that best meet the current needs of their students. Our desire to expand equitable access for all students to teaching and education technology that works best for them drives the work we do every day. Impact-Ready Certification was established to provide the evidence K–12 organizations need to discover, select, and implement edtech solutions.