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Exact Path

Adaptive instruction you and your students will love.

  • Valid measures of growth and progress
  • Evidence-based diagnostic assessments
  • Individualized learning paths with high-quality curriculum
  • Time-saving standards-aligned teacher tools

Interested in Exact Path for your school or district?

When you [have] faculty members saying, 'This is the best program ever–we want this,' those are the types of things as a superintendent you feel, okay, this time, I hit the nail on the head.

Dr. Gale D Satchel, Superintendent
Colbert County Schools, AL

Assessment-driven instruction

Exact Path includes assessment-driven math, reading, and language arts instruction that is paced to your student needs and aligned to your instruction goals. Whether you are launching an individualized learning initiative, implementing an intervention program, or supporting a specific subset of learners, we are committed to designing programs that will make your lives easier.


Meaningful data that doesn't require a translator

Truly powerful student data should be easily consumable. Exact Path uses interactive data visualizations and customizable reports to quantify valid growth measures and track real-time progress so that you can take advantage of every teachable moment.


Valid and reliable adaptive diagnostic assessments

Extensive psychometric analysis of our adaptive diagnostic assessments ensures that all students receive a unique testing experience that precisely pinpoints their instructional level, strengths, and needs. Additionally, we offer partnerships that can leverage results from your NWEA MAP Growth Assessments or Renaissance Star Assessments to kick start learning without further testing in Exact Path.


High-quality, individualized learning paths

Learning paths offer a pedagogically sound sequence of 100% mobile-optimized lessons and activities designed to build your students' skill competencies at their own pace. Early research shows that when learning paths are used in focused sessions of just 20 minutes per week, per subject students will experience growth.


Meet our happy customers:

Individualize Learning

Learn how Red Mill Elementary School in Pennsylvania is meeting each student's instructional needs.

Drive Growth

Hear how Campo Elementary School in California is driving growth for learners below, on, and above grade level.

Promote Student Achievement

See how Colbert County School District in Alabama is impacting student achievement using our dynamic online solutions.


Empower learning with comprehensive standards coverage

Our K-12 vertical growth scale includes assessment items and interactive lesson modules built from the ground up to address foundational reading, language arts, and math skills and standards for college and career readiness, including speaking and listening standards.


Tools to support each unique learning journey

Personalizing your instruction is made easy with grouping tools that drive small-group planning based on real-time data paired with supplemental skills-aligned student activities and teacher resources.


Interested in Exact Path for your school or district?


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Research & Efficacy

Uncover the evidence base behind our proven individualized learning solution.



Learn more about Exact Path features, enhancements, and implementation best practices.


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