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Personalized Learning for Academic Growth

Research confirms that students who use Exact Path’s diagnostic assessment and direct instruction can close learning gaps and demonstrate positive, statistically significant growth.

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Grades K–12

Math, Reading, & Language Arts

Aligned to State Standards

Loved by 2,400+ Schools and Districts

Diagnostic assessment and individualized, direct instruction for all students

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Diagnostic assessments benchmark learning needs

Our adaptive diagnostic assessments pinpoint students’ individual learning gaps and academic strengths within a vertical K–12 progression of skills. Performance from each administration will help benchmark learning needs and chart growth. Integrations with NWEA® MAP® and Renaissance® Star® are also available to kickstart learning using schools’ existing data without the need for additional testing.

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Automatically created learning paths adapted for each student

In Exact Path, all students automatically receive a personalized learning path of pedagogically sound, self-paced curriculum. The 100% mobile-optimized, direct instruction and activities use a mastery learning approach to adapt to each student's needs and remediate with prerequisite Building Blocks as needed.

Research confirms that students who complete at least 8 skills show significant learning gains and with an investment of at least 20 minutes per session and 40-60 minutes per week per subject, students will be on their way to improving academic achievement!

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“Within six weeks [a high school teacher], had come to see me and said, ‘This is amazing! The things that I’m seeing my students do on this—they’re truly engaged!’”

—Dr. Courtney Holley, District MTSS Director
Cook County Schools, Georgia

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Data tools designed to power personalized learning

Serious educator tools

Accelerate learning with custom assignments, built-in rewards and unique challenges, easy ability grouping, and fast LMS access.

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Build custom assignments to ensure that students receive just-in-time instruction, remediation, and enrichment. Access Exact Path lesson plans and printable worksheets for additional learning support.
Motivate learning with built-in Trophies that students earn for each mastered skill, and incentivize success with teacher-defined Challenges to drive unique time-on-task and mastery goals.
Design meaningful intervention by sorting students into similar-ability groups based on real-time skill and state standards learning path data—all with just a few clicks.  
Ensure centralized, streamlined access through credentials you already have in place with single sign-on capabilities enabled for Clever, ClassLink, Google, and Microsoft.
Expand your Exact Path program via our partnership with Reflection Sciences to address executive function through assessment and aligned activities designed to support academic and social-emotional success for your K-2 learners. Learn More.

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