Four Ways to Level-Up with Online Tutoring

Oct 20, 2023
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Online tutoring is a transformative approach to simultaneously address learning loss, limited time, and overloaded educator capacity. Whether conducted in-the-moment or scheduled over the course of several weeks, online tutoring can help a variety of learners, each with their own unique needs.

Here are four ways that online tutoring can be leveraged in tandem with your existing initiatives, whether for a student’s evolving needs or ahead of major milestones during the school year.

Early Literacy

While research continues to illuminate the need for intensive phonics instruction, many reading programs are operating at-capacity and are left searching for extra resources.

Tutoring can support instruction and maximize early literacy through data-driven reading practices. By focusing on individual students’ strengths and needs, this layered approach engages readers, reinforces systemic phonics instruction, and supports classroom teachers.

For literacy intervention, consider a high-dosage model grounded in the science of reading, strategically grouping students with similar learning paths or needs.

Intensive RTI and MTSS Intervention

Proactive, strength-based approaches to academic intervention are effective and meaningful, but staffing these programs to support the broad range of student needs is increasingly challenging.

Virtual tutoring can be the extra lift you need for your tier 3 interventions. This additional layer of support gives schools the flexibility and customization needed to support students’ academic goals and achievements.

For RTI and MTSS support, make sure the tutoring complements your school’s best practices with engaging lessons that enable academic achievement and acceleration.

Assessment Readiness

Both high-stakes standardized assessments and course-specific exams require students to be emotionally and academically ready to demonstrate their skills.

Tutoring can help bridge knowledge gaps and build confidence ahead of a major test or series of assessments, whether they need support with test-taking strategies or longer-term content and mastery practice.

Leverage online test prep to host your own testing bootcamps. Qualified tutors who use state standards-aligned curriculum are key to identifying and methodically addressing specific gaps.

Credit Recovery

Asynchronous credit recovery courses tend to silo students away from content area experts. Virtual tutoring can reduce this distance and bridge the necessary knowledge gaps to help students advance, earn their credit, and continue their academic journey.

Recurring, on-camera tutoring solutions allow students to connect with a qualified tutor who differentiates and reinforces their rigorous course curriculum.

To support credit-baring success, skills-based tutoring should be leveraged before a student falls too far behind. Help them reconnect with an educator during the hurdles of an otherwise asynchronous experience.

Level-Up with Edmentum

Edmentum's three distinct tutoring options give you the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of all students, all year long.

We can partner with you to provide qualified tutors who integrate research-backed, data-driven instruction that complements your school initiatives, whether for foundational literacy support, increased academic intervention, and skills-based acceleration. Our tutoring services give you the power to strategically offer this extra layer of support without rearranging schedules or straining classroom resources.

Still trying to decide what to prioritize in your tutoring partnership? Explore these 5 Things to Look for in a Virtual Tutoring Partnership. If you're ready to learn more about the tutoring options Edmentum can offer, reach out to one of our experts here.

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