Closing Skill Gaps in Adult Learners with Exact Path

Oct 26, 2023
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Recently, we had some of our Edmentum experts come together to present new ways to use Exact Path, our top-notch diagnostic and assessment tool, with older students and skill gaps in adult learners.

Whether adult learners are coming back to school to gain new skills or trying to earn their GED credentials, Edmentum provides research-based solutions to assist educators and adult learners in facing unique challenges and circumstances.

With that in mind, Exact Path is specifically tailored to help individualize learning for each student. It is a highly personalized program that targets specific skills down through early elementary skills that, if missing, will prevent students from attaining academic goals. 

This specificity is critical when working with adult learners who may have been out of the classroom for an extended period. 

Exact Path is designed to be displayed in a format that is appropriate for adult learners. Even lower elementary skills in math, reading, and language arts are delivered in a content style that supports and affirms this population without feeling condescending or infantilizing. 

The adaptive diagnostic exam in Exact Path identifies missing skills; generates a unique learning path; and further provides instruction, practice, and assessment for those skills. 

By addressing specific skills rather than entire chunks by domain or grade level, adult learners can gain traction quickly and advance toward their ultimate goals.

Take a look at some of the other exciting features we think are beneficial within Exact Path for educators and their adult learners.

Exact Path’s Assessment Diagnostic Reports and Road Map

After students take the Exact Path diagnostic exam, a report is generated that details missing skills and the corresponding grade levels. 

These reports are easy to interpret through color coding, and they highlight which skills have been mastered and which need work. 

The reports also provide details about what students are ready to learn when new skills have been attained. Once students have completed these other modules, the program automatically assigns the skills they’re ready for.

Each time the diagnostic is given again (up to four times per year), the remediation of specific skills is verified, and if needed, the system will redirect the learner back to skills that require additional practice and support.

Exact Path Additional Resources

Exact Path also provides an expansive selection of on-demand resources that educators can utilize to support struggling learners by topic or skill with worksheets, videos, instruction, lesson plans, practice, and assessments.

The Exact Path Groups Feature

Want to know which students are on the same level or struggling with similar topics? 

The Grouping tool allows you to quickly group students together who know a particular skill, who are ready to learn it, or who are not ready to approach a particular concept or topic. 

This way, you can plan your instruction to make sure that you are best utilizing your time based on all students’ needs.

Exact Path’s Content Style

Fundamentally, Exact Path is a K–12 product. Many adult learners who have been out of a traditional academic environment for an extended period of time will exhibit gaps in skills and concepts. 

Often, these can be remedied quickly by presenting each skill in an isolated setting for review. In other circumstances, a student who has failed to attain mastery of that skill in the first place and who is moving ahead now will be hampered. 

Exact Path readily addresses both of these scenarios with content that is developmentally appropriate for youths and adult learners.

There are so many great features within Exact Path that benefit both educators and students. 

Watch our full OnDemand webinar below to get an expanded view of the features mentioned above, along with some examples and an in-product view of where to find them within the program.

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