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Jul 08, 2024
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In recent years, the education sector has been grappling with significant challenges related to teacher shortages and retention. These concerns are widespread, echoed across campuses nationwide and corroborated by research from organizations like the Economic Policy Institute. Their 2019 report highlights that the nation's teacher shortage is indeed "real, large and growing, and worse than we thought."

Educators are acutely aware of these constraints, experiencing them firsthand in their daily work. The situation has created a challenging cycle where those remaining in the profession face increased workloads, leading to burnout and further exacerbating the existing staffing tensions.

While there are no easy answers, Edmentum offers some suggestions based on lessons learned from working with over 6,200 school districts and 420,000 educators nationwide. Below are some of our most effective resources, providing practical help in addressing educator shortages and useful strategies for retaining teachers.

Teacher Retention and Recruiting Resources

Article: Six Ways Administrators Can Boost Teacher Retention

Administrators intent on building successful schools must demonstrate and reinforce positive self-care for teachers and staff. In this article, we share how to help new and veteran staff establish teams they can rely on to keep teacher retention rates up and increase student achievement.

Article: Seven Key Strategies to Address Teacher Shortage (Through Retention and Recruiting)

One of the biggest factors contributing to the teacher shortage involves experienced teachers switching districts or leaving the profession altogether. As a result, administrators face high turnover and a steady stream of open positions. This article outlines steps that school and district administrators can take to increase teacher retention, lessen turnover impact on students, and prepare for successful recruiting.

Article: Address Staff Retention and Recruiting

This article provides seven practical strategies for school administrators to address teacher retention and recruitment challenges. We dive into methods such as mentorship programs, positive school environments, and leveraging virtual school partnerships to mitigate teacher shortages and improve staff stability. By implementing these suggestions, administrators can create a more supportive and effective educational environment. 

Article: Best Practices for Recruiting Top Teachers 

This article offers six practical tips for school administrators to enhance their teacher recruitment efforts. It covers strategies such as crafting engaging job descriptions, utilizing online job boards, encouraging staff referrals, collaborating with local colleges, maintaining a positive candidate experience, and considering innovative solutions like virtual teaching partnerships. By following these approaches, administrators can attract top talent and create a thriving educational environment. 

Teacher Shortage Resources

Article: Partner With a Virtual School 

Discover seven key benefits of partnering with a virtual school to address this pressing issue. This article highlights how virtual school partnerships can expand course offerings, solve short- and long-term staffing needs, provide cost-effective solutions, access certified educators, offer online curricula that meet state requirements, provide flexible learning experiences, and help retain students. Learn how these strategies can help your district ensure quality education despite staffing challenges. 

Article: Address Staffing Needs with Virtual Teachers 

In this article, we explore five powerful ways virtual teachers can enhance school offerings and address staffing needs. This article highlights how virtual teachers can ensure the delivery of graduation requirements, deescalate overloaded classes, cover long-term absences, expand course offerings, and alleviate student scheduling conflicts. Learn how virtual teachers can bridge gaps and provide students with high-quality education, regardless of staffing challenges. 

Article: Three Creative Ways to Help Solve for Teacher Shortages

In this episode of Talking Ed, Kate Weber, product manager at Edmentum, shares three innovative strategies to address this challenge. From thinking outside the box with recruitment to leveraging community resources and virtual partnerships, Kate provides actionable insights to help you overcome staffing gaps.

Infographic: Virtual Teachers Support a Range of Learners

Partnerships with virtual schools are more than just convenient and cost-effective solutions to staffing challenges; they also create opportunities for a diverse range of learners. 

Edmentum Courseware and EdOptions Academy can help your district or school provide digital curriculum and virtual teachers to support all of your students, including those looking for expanded course options, more flexible learning environments, or career exploration resources. 

We share the stories of three potential student paths and tell how we can support their individual learning needs and goals.

You can download all the resources mentioned in the below infographic here. Additionally, watch our webinar to learn more about how partnering with a virtual academy like EdOptions Academy can help solve staffing challenges.

Need more help with teacher shortages and retention? Edmentum works with thousands of school districts around the country, helping to address their most difficult challenges, including teacher shortages and retention. Edmentum Courseware and EdOptions Academy may be just the solution you need to expand course choice and fill difficult teaching roles and retain them.

Originally published on EdSurge on July 23, 2019.

This post was originally published on the Edmentum blog August 2019 and has been updated.

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