Why Should Educators and Students Use Exact Path This Summer?

Oct 23, 2023
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At Edmentum, we are excited to help you launch into a powerful summer learning program that maximizes growth in math and reading to support a successful start to the new academic year. Exact Path, our K–12 diagnostic-driven, direct-instruction program, personalizes learning in math, reading, and language arts, and it is the perfect mechanism to address unfinished learning and acceleration needs this summer. Let’s take a closer look at strategies for summer implementation, explore the ins and outs of different models, and unpack the recommended amount of time that students should spend to make necessary gains.

Use Exact Path as Student-Driven Personalized Learning

Providing students and families with the opportunity to continue their learning through Exact Path can be an effective and efficient way to encourage academic progress throughout the summer break.

Check out our blog post four tips to keep students learning this summer in Exact Path for more explicit steps you can take for ongoing success. Here are a few highlights:

  • Prepare and assign content ahead of time. Before you leave for the summer months, you can set up your classes, create groups, and assign the desired content to students. This way, it is ready for students to access.

  • Communicate with students and families regarding the importance of continued summer learning. You can use the Exact Path family letter to promote engagement.

  • Create worksheet bundles you can send home with students at the end of the school year so that students have them at the ready.

Choose Your Flexible Implementation Model

No matter what learning looks like this summer, there are ways that Exact Path can help. As you’re determining your model—virtual asynchronous, virtual synchronous, or in person—consider these tips:

Tips for Virtual Summer Programming

Why Should Educators and Students Use Exact Path This Summer

Tips for In-Person Learning

  • Decide how to structure your instructional time to provide whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction

  • Use the lessons available to engage your whole class and incorporate the differentiation ideas to meet every student’s needs

  • Depending on your program and student needs, some students can be remediating and reviewing content from the current school year, while others can be previewing material for the upcoming school year to get a jump-start

Determine how long students should use the program for maximum growth

Exact Path is flexible enough to fit into all kind of learning environments, and duration and frequency of usage are both key elements to student growth and success. Review Edmentum Exact Path Implementation Guidance in our published learning design brief for additional details, intervention recommendations, and suggestions for classroom practices. Here are a few points of clarification you won’t want to miss:

  • Duration: an investment of at least 20 minutes per session, per subject area enables learners to experience a coherent portion of instruction, practice, or assessment (progress checks or mastery)

  • Frequency: a minimum of two sessions per week. per subject activates learning that builds from one session to the next

Looking for more information and additional resources to design your summer learning program? Check out our recent webinar, Summer Acceleration and Enrichment with Exact Path.

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