ELL Foundations

Drive English Language Progress and Proficiency

Support entering, emerging, and developing English language learners in grades 6–Adult with Edmentum Courseware's ELL Foundations library.

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Grades 6–Adult

English Language Acquisition

Aligned to ELPA 21 and WIDA standards

Build English-language proficiency everywhere learning occurs

When English language learners struggle to access academic content due to limited English proficiency, they fall further and further behind their peers. With Edmentum Courseware's ELL Foundations library, you can give your entering, emerging, and developing ELLs the targeted support they need to accelerate their English-language acquisition while they make progress toward successfully mastering state standards and achieving college and career readiness. With these fully online courses, you can scale the way you support ELLs, whether learning takes place in person or virtually.

Scale ELL support with two robust courses

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Reinforce learning with self-paced or teacher-led instruction

Students can complete the ELL Foundations courses at their own pace, progressing through the courses as the teacher provides feedback and guidance. For teacher-led learning, student support guides and lesson plans are available to educators for small-group and whole-class instruction.

Scaffold content with resources to help all students

There are a variety of tools available when students need additional support.

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The dictionary allows students to look up words they don’t know the meaning of, and with the translation tool, students can translate words, phrases, and sentences into 19 different languages for native language support.
All text within the course can be read aloud so that students can hear correct pronunciations. The audio recorder tool allows students to record themselves speaking so that they can practice and evaluate their own pronunciation.
The built-in notebook allows students to take notes on important vocabulary and concepts as they work through the tutorial. All notes are available in the learner interface for later review.

Track progress with data dashboards and reports

Always know how your students are performing with the powerful data views available in Courseware. Detailed dashboards, as well as a variety of user-friendly reports, give you instant visibility into your students’ mastery test results, time-on-task, modules mastered, and more.

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Provide support with unparalleled customization, flexibility, and interoperability

Our feature-rich platform gives you the ability to customize content to meet the needs of your implementation. Assign ELL Foundations courses on their own, use Custom Course Builder to integrate them into core content courses, or assign modules through Flex Assignments. Plus, integrations with Clever and ClassLink, as well as leading LMS providers, and SSO capabilities with Microsoft 365 and Google for Education make managing student data easy and provide educators and learners with a seamless experience.

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