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Injecting technology into the classroom with Edmentum Courseware provides educators with the opportunity to meet the needs of diverse learners—whether it's providing first-time credit, expanding class offerings, or servicing a higher-education institution. Edmentum Courseware partners with educators to provide state- and nationally aligned standards in a customizable environment. We offer over 300 full-semester courses, equating to over 300,000 hours of instruction.

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Customizable solution to fit all learning environments

Online courses open up a world of content and flexible implementations. Whether students are at grade level, falling behind, or advanced, courses are customizable to any environment. Our courses can help:

  • Provide whole-class instruction in a blended learning environment
  • Extend learning beyond the traditional classroom for first-time credit
  • Remediate skills and recovery credits for students to stay on track for graduation
  • Supplement full-semester courses with expanded course offerings
  • Facilitate student success in intervention programming
  • Encourage career exploration through career and technical education

Quality content to drive instruction

Edmentum is proud to partner with educators by providing an effective online curriculum that contains rigorous and engaging online curriculum aligned to state and national standards. We offer:

  • 100 semesters of core curriculum
  • Over 100 Career and Technical Education offerings
  • 14 semesters of World Languages
  • 12 semesters of Advanced Placement® preparatory courses
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Simple and intuitive solutions to support instruction

Online curriculum is designed to infuse technology and education together to support educators in providing a personalized learning experience for every student. Rigorous and engaging online content is designed to meet all students at their proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive experiences and real-time, actionable student data. With Edmentum Courseware, you can:

  • Assign additional, built-to-standards content
  • Identify learning patterns and visualize and track overall school, teacher, and student progress against key learning objectives and standards
  • Determine high-level usage trends across groups

Technology that transforms the ways teachers and students interact

Edmentum Courseware content is designed to meet all students at their proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive experiences. Courses consist of integrated assessments that allow learners to move past content they have already mastered and focus on the concepts that need additional work. You can:

  • Deliver intuitive and collaborative student tools that facilitate relationships and group and individual discussions
  • Incorporate activities to enhance your curriculum
  • Engage students through an intuitive, easy-to-use learner interface that includes media-rich and interactive experiences
  • Streamline teacher-to-teacher communication
  • Provide the opportunity to involve parents in tracking student progress
  • Maintain a secure, collaborative learning environment

What's New in Courseware

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our customers the best possible experience, Edmentum Courseware is introducing new features designed to enhance the way educators utilize data, support students, and communicate results with various stakeholders. What’s more, all of our upcoming enhancements are driven by your feedback about how you use the program and how to make it even better! 

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