6-12 Tiered Intervention


Proven interventions for diverse student populations

  • Provide a targeted and engaging learning experience
  • Support student learning to monitor, and assess progress
  • Inform instruction with real time data

Interested in tiered intervention programs for your school or district?

Customizable courseware, and state certified teachers when needed, to support all learners.


Diagnose, instruct, and practice

An effective intervention model identifies students not keeping pace, pinpoints weakness (or areas of opportunity), and targets individual needs to ensure success for every learner. Edmentum programs are designed to provide focused instruction and support to raise student achievement.


Support for Enrichment Programs

Edmentum's programs provide comprehensive support for enrichment by providing age-appropriate content and resources. Our programs keep learners engaged at an accelerated level, ensuring all students learning journeys are supported, regardless of need. At Edmentum, we believe the level and complexity of curriculum should always match the readiness and motivation of students. We are proud to support gifted learners as they unlock their potential.


An individualized path to student success

Flexible, and more individualized models, including personalized and blended learning, is key to offering today’s students instruction at the right level and in a format that will resonate. Together, Edmentum Assessments, Exact Path, Edmentum Courseware, and Study Island provide a holistic program to personalize learning in your tiered intervention program.


Just-in-time, individualized support

Exact Path is designed to pinpoint specific learning needs using an adaptive diagnostic assessment, then provide individualized instruction and practice in an engaging, developmentally appropriate environment. As students work at their own pace, they are supported with built-in student tools and motivational challenges to keep learning on track.


Assessment, analysis, and action

Edmentum Assessments offers two types of assessments: a fixed benchmark assessment to evaluate student progress toward mastering grade-level skills, and an adaptive diagnostic that pinpoints students needs and provides targeted interventions at the right level. High school students can practice the foundational skills they need in an engaging, relevant format designed specifically for them.


[Study Island] takes away the fear. It builds self-esteem when a student experiences growth when no other process has worked for the years that a student has been assessed.

–Eric Seymour, Principal
Vero Beach High School, FL

Evidence-based assessment practice and support

Study Island is Edmentum’s customizable classroom assessment solution for grades K-12 that provides targeted practice and preparation for students in all core subjects. Content is built directly from state and national standards so that you know students are working on the right skills and concepts.


Track meaningful metrics at all levels

Edmentum Courseware is a flexible program that provides the foundational content for any secondary intervention program. It provides thousands of hours of online instruction in the four core subject areas, as well as elective and Career and Technical Education courses, appropriate for learners in grades 6–12.


Interested in tiered intervention programs for your school or district?



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