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K-8 Tiered Intervention

Tiered intervention support for your K-8 students

  • Research-based assessments to evaluate intervention needs
  • High-quality instruction and practice to address learning challenges
  • Trusted data to inform next steps and measure effectiveness

Interested in tiered intervention programs for your school or district?

[Edmentum programs] played a key role in the transformation of our schools by providing our teachers with the tools necessary to assess, remediate, and enrich all learners.

Dawn Brookhart, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Danville Area School District, PA

An effective framework for academic success

Instituting a schoolwide or districtwide multilevel system of support, such as RTI or MTSS, for K-8 students is no easy task. By focusing on screening student needs, offering high-quality instruction and practice, and checking progress frequently, Edmentum is committed to making sure that each student receives the right level of support.


Proven programs for every level of learner

Shoring up your students’ foundational skills is critical to preparing them for key times of transition such as the shift in 3rd grade reading instruction, beginning middle school, or even the start of high school. By combining Exact Path, Study Island, and Reading Eggs, you are armed with tools at all levels to ensure the success of your tiered intervention program.


Data-driven intervention to pinpoint each unique need

How do you deliver the right level of support for all students? Exact Path’s adaptive diagnostic assessments serve as your intervention screener to pinpoint learning abilities and provide accurate growth measures from one administration to the next. Individualized learning paths automatically deliver content to drive learning for all students at their precise level.


High-quality practice and support

Provide on-grade-level students with meaningful practice to hone their skills and demonstrate standards proficiency. Study Island gives educators the ability to target specific state or national standards and provide students with flexible practice and preparation options and automatic remediation to close gaps in learning.

Study Island builds [students'] confidence and makes them feel like they're in control of their performance in school and on the state tests.

James Sonju, Principal
Lincoln K-8 Choice School, MN

Essential literacy skills reinforcement

Help struggling readers crack the code on reading and reinforce their comprehension skills so that they can unlock their academic potential across all subjects. Reading Eggs focuses on increasing reading automaticity through meaningful repetition and short, scaffolded learning activities built on the five pillars of reading.


Track meaningful metrics at all levels

Growth data, standards proficiency, and progress monitoring are just a few of the pieces of data required to quantify student success. With Edmentum, intuitive data visualizations and customizable reports bring your intervention strategy to life so that you can take action in real time.


Interested in tiered intervention programs for your school or district?

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