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How can Edmentum help?

Virtual Instructional Services

EdOptions Academy Provide virtual learning opportunities by integrating Edmentum’s instructional services through our fully accredited virtual school, EdOptions Academy. We offer certified teachers of record, grading services, supplemental targeted instruction, virtual teacher mentoring, and more!

Expand Course Options and Recover Credits

Edmentum Courseware provides completely customizable digital curriculum that will allow you to provide both in-person and virtual instruction, and pivot swiftly between them.

Foundational Reading Skills

Edmentum's dynamic three-in-one literacy solution, Reading Eggs, is designed to help your students build and reinforce foundational literacy skills aligned to the five essential pillars of reading.

Address Gaps and Supercharge Growth

Exact Path uses an adaptive diagnostic assessment to understand each student's specific competencies and skill gaps and automatically creates an individualized learning path for each student.


Resources to Drive Growth and Proficiency

Students will begin the 2021–22 school year with larger gaps in learning and a greater variety of learning needs than most educators have had to navigate in their teaching careers. Educators will need to increase their focus on growth while balancing on-grade level proficiency of essential standards. Use the guides and tips below to help navigate this process.

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How can Edmentum help?

Formative Assessments and Practice

Study Island offers flexible standards-aligned practice and formative assessment tools to ensure all students master essential standards for grade-level proficiency.

Diagnostic-Driven Instruction

Exact Path uses an adaptive diagnostic assessment to understand each student's specific competencies and skill gaps and then automatically creates an individualized learning path for each student.


How can Edmentum help?

Personalized Learning and Intervention Resources

Exact Path combines adaptive diagnostic assessments with individualized learning pathways to promote growth for K–12 grade students in math, reading, and language arts.

Credit & Unit Recovery

Edmentum Courseware makes unit and credit recovery engaging and attainable so that your students can get back on track to graduation.

Virtual Instructional Services

EdOptions Academy allows for a fully accredited learning option that keeps students in your district and provides a state-certified virtual teacher.


Social-Emotional Learning Resources

SEL is at the heart of how educators, families, and communities are partnering together to promote students' holistic learning and development. Below are some of our best SEL resources.

In this blog you will find books aligned to the five key components of an SEL framework.

Understand what anxiety looks like and how to build classroom procedures that are supportive and effective for helping students who struggle with anxiety.

Leaders who put compassion at the forefront create teams that care for one another and adapt more easily. Use these 7 ways to start a meeting to up your SEL game.

See how Dr. Bost completely overhauled his school leading to 99 percentile growth in every subject in all grades.

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How can Edmentum help?

SEL Curriculum

Edmentum partners with BASE Education to provide more than 100 CASEL-designated social-emotional learning (SEL) courses for grades 1-12 that are rooted in mental health and wellness principles..


How can Edmentum help?

Edmentum can help you serve special populations whether they are at home, in the classroom or a mix of both. Request a quote today and we can walk you through all of our options.


ELL Foundations is a new library within Edmentum Courseware made specifically to support your ELLs. Learn more here!


Teacher Tools

Offline options are great to have year round. All of our Edmentum programs include printable items to help you out, but we also rounded up some fun and free options you can download and dprint right away.


Free K-12 Worksheet Bundles and Packets

The Edmentum Brain Game


Bingo Cards


Downloadable Daily Schedule for Teaching Virtually


Organization and Wellness Planners


30 Day Back-to-School Challenge


Gratitude Cards


Virtual Background


Video Lessons

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