School Planning Toolkit


Educator Success Toolkit

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Learning Recovery

Between closing gaps via skill, unit, and credit recovery as well as augmenting traditional instruction with targeted high-impact tutoring services, learning recovery will undoubtedly be central to school-year planning.


How do you get there?

Stand up a credit recovery program using your teachers and our digital courseware.

Offer dedicated live instruction or 24/7 virtual tutoring to augment in-class instruction.


Intervention & Acceleration

Putting a strong MTSS or RTI tiered intervention plans in place to maximize acceleration for your students is critical moving into the new school year.


How do you get there?

Diagnose learning needs, meet students where they are, and shore up longstanding skill gaps to accelerate growth.

Introduce modular curriculum that remediates grade-level concepts tied to courses, EOCs, or even college readiness exams.

Master standards and ensure grade-level proficiency with proven practice and formative assessments.


Virtual Learning

Virtual learning may not be right for every student, but it’s a powerful flexible option for many to address scheduling conflicts, expand options, and meet unique student needs.


How do you get there?

Build a virtual program to meet your needs, powered by our state-certified teachers.


Teacher Support

Removing teacher burden and fatigue in ways both big and small is paramount right now. From reducing administrative lift via technology-delivered solutions to supporting educators with professional development and instructional coaching, we’re here to help.


How do you get there?

Develop teachers' skills for teaching in a remote setting with instructional coaching services led by our expert virtual teachers.

Lighten the workload for teachers with grading services that provide qualified grading assistants to support Courseware or Calvert Learning implementations.