Foundational Literacy K-8 - New


Build a solid foundation in literacy

  • Ensure that students learn to read so that they can read to learn
  • Ground instruction in foundational skills and the five pillars of reading
  • Help students achieve reading proficiency by the 3rd grade
  • Track reading growth based on Lexile® measures
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Knowledge is power. The more the students learn, the more they will grow. It all starts with reading and comprehension

–Anna Frank, School Operation Administrator
Manatee Charter School, FL

Ensure that all students meet early reading milestones

Students unlock their academic potential when they learn to read. So, it’s not surprising that states across the country closely monitor 3rd grade reading proficiency and cite it as an early predictor of high school graduation. At Edmentum, we emphasize the importance of instilling an early love of reading and give you the assessment, instruction, and practice tools to help nurture that relationship. See more impacts of literacy.

Three green arrows pointing upwards. First arrow says Assessment: Pinpoint functional skill, fluency, and Lexile levels. Second arrow says Instruction: Scaffold learning to build reading automaticity. Last arrow sayd Practice: Apply reading strategies with a library of authentic tests. Below the arrows, pink text reads read by the third grade.

Shape essential skills aligned to the five pillars of reading

Literacy instruction in the early elementary years includes offering self-paced support for emergent readers as they master the alphabet and also encouraging fluent readers to develop comprehension skills. Edmentum’s programs, Reading Eggs and Exact Path, include comprehensive tools for each stage of this literacy journey, aligned to the five essential pillars of reading.


Crack the code on reading

Learning to read looks a little different for every student. That’s why building skills through scaffolded instruction, meaningful repetition, and spiraled activities is so important. Edmentum’s dynamic 2-in-1 literacy program, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, is designed to build and reinforce foundational skills for pre-K through 6th grade students using friendly animation in a game-like reading world.


Use a proven-effective learn-to-read program

Following a 2016 study, Edmentum’s pre-K through 6th grade program, Reading Eggs, effectively improved proficiency scores for elementary students. Used as part of a balanced literacy station-rotation model, students exceeded expectations when using Reading Eggs a minimum of 60 minutes per week. Read the full Research Spotlight.


I have seen many reluctant readers fall in love with [Reading Eggs] and look forward to going home to read every night.

–Alex Elbert, Fourth Grade Teacher
Shaull Elementary School, PA

Develop skill competencies one step at a time

Meeting skills and standards for college and career readiness starts as early as kindergarten. With Exact Path’s assessment-driven learning paths, students show what they know as they develop essential reading concepts organized into a pedagogically sound learning progression. Early research shows that when learning paths are used in focused sessions of just 20 minutes per week per subject, students will experience growth.


Assess for growth to plan what’s next

How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been? Exact Path uses a valid and reliable adaptive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint which literacy skills students are ready to learn, providing a valid growth score and Lexile® measure after each administration. Additional Progress Checks and optional Fluency Tasks provide powerful metrics to keep learning on track.


Interested in foundational literacy programs for your school or district?


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